Aquatic Biodiversity Interactive Map

ABIP was recently launched for Nepal fish Biodiversity Project. It brings in the fish details such as genus family, sampling sites and pictorial information along with aerial imagery of Karnali river Basinas Backdrop. The users can get all the information related to fish sampling of the project from this web map.

Species Distribution Modeling(SDM)

SDMs are valuable conservation tools that can predict habitat suitability of rare species. IGPL recently prepared Habitat Suitability Maps of different wild plant species at National Level scale for Nepal Agricultural Research Council (NARC). The model used passport data of wild plant sightings and various GIS layers like humidity, wind, temperature, precipitation and solar radiation.

Earthquake Emergency Service Assessment

The emergency health care services of Kathmandu and Lalitpur city were assessed to identify its capacity with respect to the population it caters, and its accesibility during normal, congested and pedestrian traffic scenarios using drive-time based network data model.

Predict Jadibuti Map

A part of PREDICT project, offers a comprehensive overview of householdsurvey integrating animal virus sampling results performed on ducks and rats at Jadibuti area of Kathmandu.The interactive map gives detail of sampling sites, types of samples, species involved,types of viruses found,and household survey detail. It also comprises of statistical findings of thesurvey. It is presumed that userscan get all the details of survey and its fundamental findings from this interactive map.

3D Surface Modeling & Printing

We are proud to print probably the first ever 3D surface model of Swayambhu Hill, Kathmandu in Nepalusing 3D printer. The 3D surface model has various applications such as in defense, archaeology, Hydropower,Hydrology, Wildlife management etc. The model can be scaled up or down as per the user requirement.